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Webdesign, app, UI elements.

This website

This website was built to show my skills. I designed and built this website on my own. It's updated with new fancy webdesign stuff every once in a while.

Hint: Try clicking on that color bar on the left, you can grab some elements, remove windows...

Zitrip app

A social media travel app.


UI icons with minimalist and efficient design.

Rating with smileys

Smiley designed to rate spots with fun.

"Get inspired, compare and list the best spots and activities from the people you trust."


Explore your friends' best spots everywhere around the world.


List the spots you want to visit with your friends and collaborate for your next trip.


Follow your friends and the people you trust to get the best recommandations.

A project I worked on with Arthur Van Der Rest Β & Antoine Boxho .

Paradise City Festival

Webdesign for the 2020 website.
Content elements were integrated in the year's artwork. The flow made it look like the content was stuck into the tree branches.

Graphic Design

Beautiful virtual art works. Logo design. Illustration.

Found Frequencies Merch

Designed some awesome t-shirts and hoodies with Lost Frequencies for his label.

FFM0001 FFFM002 FFFM003 FFFM004

Cup of Beats

Graphic design work I made for the cover of the Cup of Beats EP of Lost Frequencies and its singles.




I designed this logo to look fresh and capture the good vibes of the platform it is representing. It has a 3D look with some of the letters rebelling against each other.

Rebel is a platform invested in the electronic music scene with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion. Through parties, events and much more. Rebel is a community and safe space for all.

Maison Iturria

Logo design for a guesthouse in the Basque region.

The logo was design to be clean and elegant. It features a minimalistic geometric shape representing a germing plant as well as a mature tree.

Studio Centra

Logo design for interior designer based in Brussels.

Laboratoire Draily

Redesign from an old logo.

I started by designing multiple logos involving teeth. Then I added the prosthesis detail. I ended by applying the best shape and feel to the old logo.


What's art ? Everything is art. Is it?

Plant artwork by spooker
Love poster with pink and grey gradients artwork by spooker
Custom skateboard painted by spooker
Custom spooker stan smith
Glitch & eye poster artwork by spooker
Floating eye in perspective artwork by spooker
Gradient sphere artwork by spookerdesign
Plant artwork by spooker
Mewtwo Artwork by spooker
Bruning eyeball artwork by spooker
Spooker type illustration
Spooker artwork
Floating melting sphere in 3D perspective dark environment artwork by spooker
Spooker type illustration
Custom stan smith sneakers by spooker
Wall spraypaint by spooker